tm3In today’s world of constant technological growth and progress, it is important that we as chartered physiotherapists ensure our clinic is up to date with the software and systems we use, to allow our practice to grow and evolve in the modern era. Here at Mount Merrion Chartered Physiotherapy, we use an online practice management system called TM3 which leads to great benefits throughout our patient care and in the overall running of our practice.

What is an online practice management system?

An online practice management system is software which allows us to carry out all our administrative work and client notes on the computer. It is where all our chartered physiotherapist’s diaries are kept, so they are easily accessible and all of our client information is stored in one unified system. All of our online systems are password protected to keep our client records and information secure and confidential.

What are the benefits of an online practice management system?

An effective online practice management system has advantages for both our clients and our physiotherapists. It means all of our client records and detailed clinical notes are stored securely in the one place, allowing us to be more efficient and organised in our patient care, helping us to streamlining our practice.

Storing all of our records digitally, makes them easily accessed and saves time compared to trawling through filing cabinets. It also reduces the risk of data protection issues as well as the risk of error and misplacing documents, while having a positive effect on the environment!

Having an online practice management system allows us to have a more comprehensive view of our clients, for lifelong patient records, which can help us provide our clients with more relevant and individualised treatment. For example, if you came the clinic with a lower back pain problem 5 years ago, we can access your clinical notes for the course of treatment your received with few clicks so we know exactly what treatment was performed.

We are also able to store our client’s GP information and any other health professional’s details in with our patient records, which makes collaboration and communication with them much more accessible.

Online practice management allows each therapist to work off the same system, which is being constantly updated during the day. This allows the clinic to run smoothly and efficiently, with everyone working together. It is a useful point of reference for all members of staff, as reminders and tasks can be entered into to the diary, so everyone is aware of what is going on each day in the clinic.

It also reduces the time needed for administrative work, therefore creating more time for patient appointments. Any problems or queries that arise can be taken care of swiftly.

It makes booking in clients and taking payments quick and hassle free. Our online practice management system makes booking appointments and taking payments, quick and hassle free. It gives us the option to either email or text our clients to communicate, if we are unable to reach them by phone. It also allows us to send appointment reminders to our clients via text message. All our clients’ payment records are kept together in their file, which makes printing out or emailing receipts straightforward and can be completed in minutes.

Embracing new technology and online systems in our clinic, helps us create a better overall experience for our clients, from the moment they book their first appointment. The use of online management systems, allows us as physiotherapists to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of our client care.

By Katie Farrell, BSc, Physio, MISCP

*Katie joined us at the clinic for work experience for the Month of June 2017